Ship Multi Set - 3 Pack Double Sided Dry Erase Grid - 24"x36"

  • A REAL RPG MASTERS “MUST HAVE” – THE ULTIMATE REUSABLE DND MAP GRID: Quit drawing grids on low quality mats like a novice, hoping your fellow journeymen stay engaged – ONE INCH Squares and Game Enhancing Distressed Design let you treat your tribe to the best PORTABLE square grid role playing game mat experience, so you retain MASTER STATUS and keep the game going for months on end.
  • ANTI-SLIDE SURFACE – WON’T GHOST, STAIN or DEGRADE: Fully compatible with INCLUDED DRY ERASE markers, other wet erase markers, and liquid chalk marker pens. Simply draw your territories, let the ink set, then spray with water and wipe away when you’re ready to create your next memorable RPG takeover. Anti-Slide Surface KEEPS PIECES SQUARELY IN PLACE, so no one can call foul play.
  • DOMINATE EVERY RPG GAME TYPE – UNIVERSALLY COMPATIBLE: While most battle mats only work for one game, ours lets YOU USE YOUR STRATEGIC WIT TO WIN many games - wargaming, popular board fantasy rpgs such as Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, Warhammer 40k, Pathfinder, GURP, Munchkin, Mercs, Blood Bowl, X Wing, and other tabletop and multiplayer mmorpg RPG miniatures games using malifaux, figures, and roll dice. MEGAMAT SIZE AVAILABLE.
  • YOUR SLOPPIER FRIENDS CAN’T DAMAGE IT – ULTRA DURABLE, DOUBLE COATED DND MAP: Because serious gamers play for hours on end, snacking is a must, so while most DND board setups look worn, torn, and stained after just a few rounds, we engineered MELEE MATS DND dry erase map from the highest grade materials, then added an EXTRA FINISHING COAT, making it the BEST DND game mat for erasing, reusing, and yes, even wiping away messy Cheetos fingerprints.
  • YOU’LL GEEK OUT OVER THIS DND MAT - OR YOUR MONEY BACK: This D&D battle mat is top of the line, premium, game gear. Because we know there’s no better dungeons and dragons mat on the market, we offer you the chance to TRY IT 100% RISK-FREE. We guarantee this D&D mat elevates your gaming experience, or let us know within 90 days and expect a full, prompt refund. INCLUDES (2) 24 x 36 double-sided mats, multi-color MARKERS, ERASER, reusable ICONS, and an empty SPRAY BOTTLE.


The best Game mat on the planet.

Premium Poster Mat

Double-Sided, Ultra Durable, Reusable.



High- Resolution Graphics

Vivid Color and Details.

Easily Erases

Stain Resistant.

Compatible With All Types of Games

Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, And more!

Complete Starter Set

4 Markers, Eraser, Empty Spray Bottle.

Games master certify

Pathfinder - gloomhaven - 13th age
the lord of the rings - descent
start trek - dungeons&dragons

You can enjoy this mat with many more games!


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